peopleOn September 26, 2014, Jennifer Harmon, PE and Garrett Gritz, PE concluded their respective 15 year and 26 year careers at RBF Consulting.  This memorable date also marked the date of looking back at collectively over 40 years of partnership with a great organization that always delivered upon commitments to employees, clients and projects.  In particular, the organization provided Jennifer and Garrett with the mentorship, support, resources, commitment and friendships to expand a successful business model from Southern California into the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jennifer and Garrett are thankful to the RBF Consulting leadership team that established this Northern California expansion challenge, and then fulfilled the commitment of supporting the expansion goals.  Through this experience, Jennifer and Garrett have developed life-long professional relationships with key clients and strategic partners that will be foundational to the establishment and long-term growth of a new organization, Diablo Engineering Group.

Diablo Engineering Group commenced operations from offices in Oakland and Walnut Creek on September 27, 2014.  Services are primarily associated with the planning and design of public and private transportation infrastructure improvements, with a special emphasis on delivering expert project management and program management services to public agencies throughout the Bay Area.  Diablo Engineering Group will provide our clients with exceptional personal service, and will provide our employees with a work environment that is consistent with a “best firm to work for” model.  Jennifer and Garrett know firsthand that a successful “best firm to work for” environment results in a team that will consistently provide quality services and deliverables to all of our valuable clients.

Diablo Engineering Group has started as a team of two, and will continue to grow into an organization that highly values win-win partnerships between clients, strategic partners, community members and employees.  Jennifer and Garrett understand that effective partnerships, combined with technical and personal communication across a project team, create the necessary synergy and teamwork that are needed to complete successful projects.  In addition, Jennifer and Garrett are also strong supporters of encouraging commitment, accountability and enthusiasm across the entire team.  These goals become reality when team leaders and support teams love what they do.  September 27, 2014 marks the beginning of Diablo Engineering Group.  This first goal of starting a successful engineering business that is focused on improving our local communities is one of many goals that will be fulfilled – all because the Diablo Engineering Group team loves what we do.

Diablo Engineering Group is a California corporation that is fully certified as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE).  The WBE designation satisfies Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) goals on many public contracts. In addition, Diablo Engineering Group is certified as a very small local emerging business with City of Oakland, Alameda County, ACTC, and the Port of Oakland.